Specializing in Broadcast Sales Training

This is the sales training your team has been waiting for...

  • A complete analysis of your sales and management team's needs
  • A focused curriculum on increasing local revenue
  • On site training for managers and sellers
  • A practical approach to address client needs in a specific, measurable and straightforward way
  • An understanding of how an advertising campaign will work for the client
  • Improved presentation skills that will improve close ratios and build confidence in sellers
  • Better close ratios
  • Confidence in their selling selling skills
  • Role playing and practice in a relaxed and fun environment
  • Inventory and account list management training for managers

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BD Sales training is the perfect training forum for your media company to increase revenue.  The training emphasizes the importance of accurately determining the client's needs and providing measurable solutions.  During the initial on-site training phase participants practice the proper techniques of conducting a needs analysis.  These practiced skill sets help your sales team gain the confidence they need to ask brave questions when in front of the client.  Training includes problem solving, proposal writing, and presentation skills.  Customized training increases confidence in your seller's performance.  On-site practicing of the skills your team needs earn more local business and is administered in a fun, energetic and team-building atmosphere.

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