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New Rep Ramp Up Training Program

No more waiting for your newest reps to go through their first year to produce results for your station!

It generally takes a new rep hire at least a year to get up to speed and begin to produce sales for your station.  The New Rep Ramp Up Training program will get your new rep hires up to speed quickly.  They will learn to:

  • Properly market a clients business
  • Accurately identify client needs
  • Provide solutions that will work
  • Develop a proposal
  • Present with confidence
  • Eliminate objections
  • Follow up after the sale
  • Sell annual contracts
  • Role play

    The New Rep Ramp up program is conducted regularly in the offices of Hippie Radio located in the GAC building on Music Row in Nashville, TN. Contact Barb to arrange to have your new rep enrolled in one of these classes.

Contact Barb

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